"Mobile Audiometric Testing Suite"

The Australian made range of quality Quadrant Mobile Audiometric Testing Suites
provides the ultimate in price, performance and simplicity of use!

Introducing -
THE most cost effective solution to mobile audiometry!
The problem .......
a dedicated truck is expensive, a portable booth and trailer is cumbersome, a caravan is difficult to tow and park, and, not using a booth at all will usually be in breach of the regulations, thereby making all your hearing tests invalid!
The solution ....... The ultimate in mobile audiometry! A fully self contained work station, air-conditioned (optional), fitted with a sound proof booth, and towable behind a standard medium to large sized vehicle (Magna, Camry, Commodore, Falcon etc).
Easy to tow, easy to set up, easy to re-locate,
and .......... easy on the pocket!

For testing a small number of people, simply leave the unit connected to the car, wind down the rear support legs, connect the power, and begin testing.
Setup time before you begin testing can be less than 5 minutes. For larger testing jobs, leave the unit on site until all the testing has been completed, and commute with your standard vehicle, no need to drive a large truck to and from the job site each day. Easier to tow and park than a caravan - shorter than a family car.. Lower cost than a dedicated truck - no high maintenance, rego & insurance costs. More convenient for low testing numbers - extremely quick setup time. Lower costs as no dedicated vehicle is required - use a standard car. Light and maneuverable - ideal for city and country work. Fully self contained - ready to go at a moments notice. Safer than a booth transport trailer - no man handling of a heavy booth. THE most cost effective solution to the problems of mobile audiometry! The full mobile testing suite is priced according to the specifications and options selected. The base unit consists of a fully insulated 8 ft long x 6 ft wide x 7 ft high suite mounted on a single axle sub frame.

The internal layout allows for 1 person to be tested inside the (optional) sound proof booth, and an Audiometrist seated at the audiometer desk. A number of different floor plans and alternate sizes are available to ensure that the layout meets your exact requirements. Rent, purchase, or lease, the choice is yours, choose the options that best suits your needs. A range of Quadrant sound proof booths are suitable for the mobile testing suite, with the type selected having a large bearing on the total costings. Of course, if you already own a suitable booth, we can install that for you, thereby reducing your initial investment. All prices (when quoted) do not include GST, freight or insurance. Delivery cost (if applicable) will vary based on access and other variables; e.g.: location, delivery speed, etc. See specifications and options list for pricing details. Quadrant have put together years of engineering expertise and technical knowledge in the area of hearing testing and acoustics to ensure that the highest quality and performance standards are achieved with your mobile testing suite.

Mobile Audiometric Testing Suite MOBILE SUITE - Standard features (all sizes approx.):
Internal sizes (approx):
Weight (excluding booth):
Access: .
Sub frame:
Wall and ceiling panels:
Rear wind down stabilisers & foldaway access step.
Lockable entry door.
MOBILE SUITE - Options list:
Sound proof booth:
Air conditioning:
Internal acoustic lining of walls and ceiling:
Combination skylight / adjustable roof vent:
Electrical safety switch:
Trailer brakes - hydraulic override:
Tandem axle:
Exterior light - 240 volt:
Interior 12 volt lighting system: .
Front "wind down" stabiliser legs:
Spare tyre & jack: .
Exhaust fan: .
Non slip floor covering.
Sign writing:
Larger size:
Alternate layout:

Base unit:

2.3 M (L) x 1.8 M (W) x 2.1 M (H).
350 kg.
Rear door 2000 mm x 830 mm
Steel, primed and painted.
White, insulated, double sided, aluminum clad.
240 volt inlet, 1 x 40 watt fluorescent light, 1 x double power point.







Contact Quadrant Sales for a quotation including the options you require
Contact your Quadrant agent if the layout or options you require are not listed.

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